Terms and Conditions

By using any of our services or ordering your coursework or any other academic paper with our company, you agree to accept and adhere to our terms and conditions presented herein:

Services Agreement

CourseworkBox agrees to offer clients a podium where academic research and writing services are offered by industry specialists. The clients are advised to use the product produced by the company only for the purpose of referencing only. Moreover, the client will be bound to the terms and conditions of the company once a writer or expert is assigned to the order made by the client. The agreement will only be considered void when the order is completed and delivered efficiently to the customer.

The company agrees to read and understand the brief provided by the client in an efficient manner and assign an expert accordingly. And, in case if the client is not contented with the work, the company will be liable to provide the client with free revisions.

n the event the client is discontented with the work provided to him/her by the company, the client will be liable to file a complaint within the allotted time period. In such scenario, a refund will be made by the company. However, the refund will only be made as per the refund policy set by the company. Therefore, clients are advised to review the refund policy prior to demanding the reimbursement.

Delivery Agreement

The company is liable to provide the client with timely services or delivery for that matter. In the even the company fails to meet the deadline, the company will be liable to offer the customer refund for the inconveniency. However, the refund will not be made in the event of a delay which is beyond the control of the company such as incorrect email address provided by the client or spam filter, etc.

Once we deliver the finished document to you, we encourage you to go through it at your earliest and if there are any discrepancies get back to us within 48 hours with the document highlighting specific parts of the document that needs to be revised along with specific instructions mentioning what needs to be done. Failure to do so will void the refund completely. Read the refund policy

We recommend students who use our service to take time and read the entire document thoroughly, adjust the language accordingly and add their own understanding of the task at hand before final submission. Marking is out of our scope of work. It’s entirely your teachers choice what to grade you.

Please note that revisions are part of the research writing process. You may find that your assignment is not done as you had expected in the first go that’s why we offer free revisions.

Breach of Contract Agreement

Clients are strictly recommended to accept and adhere to all the policies presented by the company such as Refund, Privacy, Cancellation and Terms and conditions policy. Should the client fails to adhere these policies and found guilty of breaching them in any manner, strict measures will be taken against the client

Policy Amendment Agreement

CourseworkBox reserves complete rights to modify or amend the policy whenever it deems necessary. Therefore, clients are advised to read the policies periodically before using our services.

Cancellation Policy

CourseworkBox reserves absolute rights to decline or cancel the order when it deems necessary. Therefore, clients are strictly advised to read and understand our cancellation policy prior to ordering the coursework; otherwise the company will not be liable for any inconveniency.

Our policies are as follows:

  • The company will cancel the order in the event it doesn’t furnish a competent academician or writer for the order completion within the predetermined time-limit
  • The company can terminate the order in case of any unforeseen events that doesn’t assure the order completion
  • The company will call off the agreement if the client is found guilty of violating the terms and conditions
Important Note

Whilst we have the right to decline or terminate the order in the aforesaid circumstances, we guarantee you that you’ll be offered full refund if such case comes to pass.

Refund Policy

It is the absolute responsibility of our every company to offers its clients both quality and satisfaction. And, if they fail to offer these two important guarantees, they should refund the money to the client. Likewise, here, at CourseworkBox, we also offer a refund policy so that our clients can acquire the help from our service with peace of mind.

That being said, we recommend our esteemed clients to read, understand and abide by the provided refund policies before ordering a coursework with our company or requesting a refund:

  • In the event the client isn’t satisfied with the quality of the coursework created and sold by the company, the client is liable to file a detailed complaint regarding the matter within the period of 72 hours.
  • Should the client fails to file the objection report within the given time period, the company will consider that the client is 100% satisfied with the work. Thus, the client will no longer be qualified to file the refund complaint anymore.
  • In case if the complaint is received by the company within the provided time limit, it will first make the necessary amendments to ensure that the client is satisfied with the quality of the coursework like editing the content for free or assigning a new writer for coursework-order completion. However, if all else fail, the company will gladly give the client full refund.
  • The company reserves the rights to reject the refund request in the event of slight errors in the content or a slight delay in the delivery as these blunders are trivial, thus, do not justify a complete refund. Nonetheless, for any inconveniency, the company will gladly allow the client to reach an appropriate settlement via partial refund, discount, etc.
  • In case if the client erroneously pays twice the amount than the actual one, the company will refund the additional payment as soon as possible.
  • In the event that the client doesn’t feel contented with the quality, he/she is liable to contact the company prior to engaging in chargeback
  • In case if the client fails to contact the company before starting off a chargeback, it will be considered as breach of agreement and dealt with accordingly

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